3. File a KU Incident Report

Anyone who believes they experienced sexual misconduct and/or sexual violence (such as sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or intimate partner violence), or stalking is encouraged to file an incident report through KU's Office of Civil Rights & Title IX.

To initiate the filing of a complaint with our office, you can complete and submit an online form or file a complaint in person at our office.

Include the following information, to the extent known and available:

  • Your name and contact information (address, telephone, e-mail).
  • Name of person(s) directly responsible for the alleged sexual misconduct, sexual violence, or stalking.
  • Date(s), time(s), and place(s) of the alleged behavior(s).
  • A copy of any documents or other tangible items pertaining to the alleged behavior(s), including emails, text messages, social media communication, etc.
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses of the alleged behavior(s).
  • Any other relevant information.

Upon receiving a complaint, one of our staff members will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and request a meeting with you to inform you of your rights and support resources associated with the complaint investigation process.

Protections if You Choose to File:

We recognize that a student desiring to file an official complaint and witnesses who are asked to participate in an Office of Civil Rights & Title IX investigation may be hesitant to engage in the investigation process for fear of being held responsible for violations of the KU’s Alcohol and Drug Policy.

To eliminate this concern, a student who files a complaint with our office and witnesses who participate in an investigation by our office will not be subjected to discipline under the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities for personal consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

Confidentiality & Anonymity

All information shared with the the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX is treated with discretion and care. Nevertheless, certain information provided to our office may need to be disclosed to other university officials. Those who participate in an Office of Civil Rights & Title IX investigation are only provided with the information necessary to allow them to respond fairly and appropriately to the complaint allegations.

You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX investigation to your desired level of comfort. Participation in the investigation process is voluntary. You may also change your mind and decline to participate in the investigation once the investigation process has started.

It is important to note, however, that your decision not to participate in the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX investigation process may limit the university's ability to respond to the incident.

Interim and Protective Measures

The Office of Civil Rights & Title IX is able to offer or impose a variety of support measures to assist you and prevent you from harm.

These support services are available regardless of whether you choose to file a criminal or KU complaint and regardless of whether you choose to participate in a criminal or KU investigation.

Examples of interim measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Contact restrictions placed on the responding party.
  • Academic accommodations.
  • Alternative housing placement.
  • Alternative work schedules.locations.
  • Course schedule changes.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Student financial aid assistance.
  • Health and mental health support.
  • Visa and immigration assistance.
  • Course withdrawal/load reductions.



The University of Kansas prohibits retaliations against those who file an Office of Civil Rights & Title IX complaint and witnesses who participate in an investigation. If you believe you experiencing retaliation in any form, please let our office know as soon as possible at civilrights@ku.edu or 785-864-6414. We will respond promptly to all allegations of retaliation.