About Us

The Office of Civil Rights & Title IX administers KU's equal opportunity and non-discrimination policies and procedures, and encourages a campus climate of respect and understanding. We serve as a neutral and unbiased resource for members of the university community who wish to report an allegation of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual violence and/or retaliation, and we offer assistance and protective measures to those individuals.

Our office is a neutral fact finder when conducting investigations in response to allegations of sexual, misconduct, harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Our staff is responsible for gathering information about the allegation in a diplomatic, culturally competent and trauma-informed manner that is fair to both the person reporting the allegation (i.e. the complainant) and the person responding to the allegation (i.e. the respondent).

We also provide information about health, safety, advocacy and support resources available to members of the Lawrence and Edwards campuses. As necessary, our office performs formal investigations to detect, discontinue and prevent violations of the Non-Discrimination Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy, and to ensure the university complies with state and federal civil rights laws.