Racial & Ethnic Harassment

The University of Kansas is committed to the full participation of historically marginalized groups, and providing an environment where individuals are free to develop intellectually, personally, professionally, and socially without intimidation or fear. Our programs, our campus community and our personal interactions must be free of racial or ethnic harassment and discrimination.

Intimidation and harassment affect not only those who are the targets of the harassment, but also the entire community.

What is Racial and Ethnic Harassment?

Racial and ethnic harassment is a form of illegal discrimination and is contrary to the nature and mission of our institution. It may take many forms, from outright criminal acts (e.g., assault and battery, vandalism, or destruction of property) to anonymous, malicious intimidation.

Whatever its form, racial and ethnic harassment is motivated by fear, ignorance or hatred of ethnic and cultural differences that are perceived as threatening to the offending party. Most frequently, this harassment is directed toward those persons with ethnic visibility, including Black, Indigenous and other people of color, people of Muslim or Jewish faith, and international students and scholars. Racial or ethnic harassment will not be tolerated in the university community..

Anyone who has experienced or observed racial or ethnic harassment is encouraged to report the incident to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX.

State and Federal Laws

In addition to violating KU policy and our community standards, racial and ethnic harassment may violate state and federal laws, including:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Report Harassment